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Updated: Oct 27, 2022

For Personal and Organizational Renaissance

Now is the time, due to all the changes that these times of pandemic have caused, to carry out those plans that we have had in mind to advance personally and professionally. We have followed, more out of necessity, the educational, labor, business and social trends to conduct ourselves in the best possible manner, however, many of these trends make less or no sense in these new conditions.

Now we can eliminate sterile habits that leave nothing and adopt new and more productive ideas and habits, dedicate our effort and talent in a more meaningful way to ourselves. Examples of large companies such as Disney that have had to reinvent themselves because their traditional business units: Parks & Resorts, Cruise Ships and Movie Studios have no longer been profitable, having to learn new businesses such as the streaming, a market where there are large competitors very well positioned, or GM that has announced plans to reinvent itself towards an electric car business model. All of us, regardless of personal, professional and business dimensions, are facing the opportunity of a new beginning, even it has been mentioned something as “The Great Reset” to take advantage of this conjunctural situation by pointing to investments towards ecologically sustainable systems.

Let us eliminate dead weight, from material belongings, personal and professional relationships, and expired businesses to mention a few to reinvent ourselves in what we like the most and is more productive for ourselves and our environment. There are now more opportunities for to do what we always wanted to do differently or do something new or reinvent ourselves.

A good quote to highlight the above:

“Never let a Good crisis go to waste.”

- Winston Churchill

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