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How to Become a Rainmaker

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

A sales and business book that I continue recommending.

By: Germán Villalobos

Yesterday I finished reading for the second time a book, now in digital format, which I find extraordinary. As a reader, with a great passion for sales and business, this book seems highly recommended to me. I suggest few books because what can be useful and interesting to me in my tastes, time and special circumstance may not be equally pleasant or useful to anyone else. However, this book seems to me that many can enjoy it and find in its content especially useful ideas for its timelessness and practicality.

At first the author, Jeffry J. Fox, who has been a successful and proliferating writing and businessman, defines with great wisdom and clarity the term "Rainmaker", not only as the star salespeople, but also the CEO, director, owner, founder, vice president or whoever carries clients, contracts and in the end who regularly rings the cash register. Explaining through tips that share throughout the book, that star salespeople are usually the main Rainmakers, but these usually have the dual responsibility to sell- sometimes as the only seller of the company- and to be also the CEO, owner, or other position of great responsibility.

One of the many useful concepts he shares is the extreme importance of interpersonal relationships, the Rainmaker sees each person as clients, with the ever-present idea of how he and his company can help that person. In the end, whoever has a great service or product that can make people's lives better, would not want to "share" it with family, friends, contacts, and everyone whom they know or will get to know.

There are many good advice in the book, I share with you what I consider the most interesting ones:

- Be very polite to everyone and always dress properly.

- Treat everyone you know or present you as a potential customer.

- The biggest sign of purchase is the customer's appointment.

- Always ask until you know the needs of the client and even leave him

convinced that we fully understand his problem.

- Never forget it, someone is always somebody to somebody.

- The Rainmaker always gives to receive.

- A goal shot is never a bad play.

However, possibly the one that stands out is: "The Rainmaker sells money". He always monetizes the profits or savings generated to the customer, allowing he or she evaluate and take the best decision. And finally, the only thing that counts for the Rainmaker is how much benefits leaves the customer and how much money he has generated for his company.

The author shares everything with a good sense of business ethics and social respect, which makes his practical advice and book highly recommended. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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